CLAMP School Detectives


Alternative Titles: CLAMP Gakuen Tanteidan
Type: TV Series, 26 episodes
Year: 3 May 1997 to 25 Oct 1997
Age rating: G – All Ages
CLAMP School has all the size and resources of a small city. Over 10,000 people – students and their families – live, work, and study within its self-sufficient campus. Any student with talent, regardless of wealth, is gladly accepted into this amazing facility. Covering kindergarten through graduate school, it is without equal anywhere in the world. Nokoru Imonoyama, Student Council President of the Elementary School Division, as well as the Treasurer, Akira, and Secretary, Suoh, are three of the most well-liked and idolized students in school. Nokoru decides that he and his two friends are going to start a detective service, solving any mystery or crime, great or small. But, as Nokoru is a bit theatrical and a shameless romantic, he declares that these detectives will focus on aiding mostly girls and women. With all the resources the school has to offer at their disposal, the CLAMP School Detectives are on a mission to help damsels in distress.

Genres: Comedy, Mystery, School,

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