Read or Die TV


Alternative Titles: R.O.D TV
Type: TV Series, 26 episodes
Year: 1 Sep 2003 to 16 Mar 2004
Age rating: PG-13 – Teens +13
Three girls named Anita, Michelle and Maggie are hired to protect Japanese author Nenene Sumiregawa during her stay in Hong Kong. In an incident where the “Paper Sisters” save Nenene from a disgruntled author, Nenene discovers that the sisters have the capability to control paper at their own will – an ability once used by her long-lost friend Yomiko “The Paper” Readman. Arriving in Japan after an airliner incident, the Paper Sisters move into Nenene’s apartment and become her freeloading bodyguards.

Genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Mystery, Science fiction,

Read or Die TV Episode List